About Taisho

About Taisho

The Taisho Story


Taisho is not only the title of a Japanese Era presided over by Emperor Taisho, but also the title of the military rank Major General. Only the best chefs in Japan can be named Taisho. To be Taisho means to have the techniques of a Major General with the foundation of fresh ingredients.

Taisho Restaurant adheres to these principals by sourcing only the best ingredients daily sparing. When required, ingredients are flown directly into Sydney and delivered to Taisho Restaurant only moments before they presented to diners. No expense is spared. The traditional flavours and meticulous techniques results in a cuisine that warms the heart and soothes the soul. It only takes one bite of the many dishes to understand the Taisho mindset. Dishes like edomae sushi, broiled sea eel, vegetable tempura and sizzling wagyu beef steak.

Taisho Japanese Restaurant targets quality in every aspect. All the dishes are made of only the best and freshest ingredients with no expense spared when sourcing them. It feels cozy and romantic in the restaurant, like staying with a Japanese family. Like a family, they will tell you how each course should be in eaten and explain the story behind it. Taisho aims to create a homely atmosphere for customers. The home is charming, warm, comfortable and has all things that m smiles make you feel comfortable. No matter if it’s a small gathering or a single person, you will feel the healing power of the cuisine and then leave the restaurant with smiles on your face inevitably coming back for more.